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Ask about our DO-IT-YOURSELF GUIDE To Rent to own for just  $34.99.  All the industry secrets you MUST know to get the most house for your money !

No Down Payment?   APPROVED !

Bad  Credit?       APPROVED !

Among the benefits of rent-to-own:

  • The buyer can evaluate a neighborhood and property without making a 30-year commitment.
  • Families can immediately enroll children in a desirable school district.
  • The buyer can move right in despite credit problems, inability to document income or lack of financing.
  • The seller gets a tenant with a vested interest in keeping up the property.
  • The seller receives rental income to cover the mortgage, helpful in a slow real-estate market.
  • The seller taps a broader market of potential buyers, instead of being limited to those with excellent credit and cash for a down payment.
  • If a sale goes through, the seller may save on real-estate agent commissions.
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